Carriage Trade

Social Photography

A Benefit Exhibition of Cell Phone Photographs
January 19 - February 5, 2011
Wednesday - Sunday, 1-6 pm
Reception: Saturday, January 29, 6-9 pm


Organized to benefit upcoming programming at carriage trade, Social Photography is an exhibition focusing on the relatively new medium of cell phone photography. As cell phone cameras become more ubiquitous, their function continues to evolve. Encompassing the varied roles of snapshots, visual notes, discrete picture taking, or the immediacy of citizen journalism, the cell phone camera lacks the intentionality of a point-and-shoot, resulting in a more direct recording of the “everyday.” Because of the proximity of cell phone images to the spoken word and text-based communication, the pictures are often a kind of visual shorthand to fill the gaps in between. Emphasizing no particular theme beyond how the cell phone camera is most often used, both artists and non-artists were invited to submit cell phone images of their choice via email to carriage trade, which the gallery printed on 5" x 7" paper.

Those interested in acquiring any of the photographs from the Social Photography exhibition should please contact the gallery, pscott Photographs can purchased after February 5, 2011, for 75 dollars each (subject to availability).