Carriage Trade

carriage trade benefit

Saturday, April 17, from 6–10 pm
Raffle will begin at 7:30pm


carriage trade is re-opening as a non-profit at 62 Walker Street (near Broadway) with a benefit to raise funds for its upcoming programming. The artwork can be previewed from 2-6 pm Wednesday, April 14 - Saturday, April 17, the day of the raffle event. Tickets for the raffle are $125 and can be purchased through paypal and in the gallery the week of the benefit. The number of tickets sold will equal the number of donated works. On the night of the raffle, ticket holders are entitled to choose an artwork once their numbers have been randomly drawn. The artworks will be presented anonymously, with the identity of the artist revealed only after the ticket holder acquires the piece.

Ricci Albenda
Graham Anderson
Michael Ashkin
David Baskin
Betty Beaumont
Martin Beck
Dike Blair
Barbara Bloom
Christina Cahill
Antoine Catala
Barbara Ess
Rochelle Feinstein
Liselot van de Heijden
Eric Heist
Ed Hemingway
Shirley Irons
Carol Irving
Paul Ramirez Jonas
Jennifer Karady
Tom Kotik
Tom Kovachevich

Pam Lins
John Miller
Filip Noterdaeme
R.H. Quaytman
Walter Robinson
Ron Rocheleau
Aura Rosenberg
Zoe Sheehan Saldana
David Schafer
Julia Scher
Trevor Shimizu
Heidi Schlatter
Ryan Schroeder
Dennis Sears
Mark Sengbusch
Mike Smith
Seton Smith
Colin Thomson
Julia Wachtel
Lindsay Walt
Oliver Wasow


Raffle Tickets are $125, every ticket purchase will guarantee one artwork and 2 complementary drink tickets.

carriage trade wishes to thank all the artists for generously donating their work, Dan Graham for his continued support of this project, board members Andrea Blum, Anya von Gosseln, and Ken Saylor, and benefit assistance from David Baskin and Carol Irving.